Animewalk Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Dual SIM 64GB Black:Animewalk
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Dual SIM 64GB Black:Animewalk

Xiaomi Published in October 17, 2018, 2:06 pm
 Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Dual SIM 64GB Black:Animewalk

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Dual SIM 64GB Black:Animewalk

Price:£227.97+ Free shipping with Bemdesaude Prime

Ryan S.
Ryan S. Reply to on 9 July 2018
Amazing phone for its price. There's really only a couple of things that you can nit pick at here, and thats the lack of USB type C and NFC. Other than that, the display is great, battery is outstanding, it has dual sim or a SD card slot as options. The cameras are really good, both front and back. You wont be disappointed with what you get for this price.

I would highly recommend this phone.

One last thing, is that if you do plan on unlocking the bootloader, Xiaomi makes you wait 15 days, so I advise starting that process asap if you dont particularly like MIUI.
Sanyam Reply to on 23 August 2018
I am personally not a person who will queue up in front of the store to get the latest Apple phone. Being technically aware I know I don't have to purchase the highest spec phone to satisfy my needs. I have had iphone and then LG phones in the past. Seeing this phone, I just gave it a go. Though that worst case scenario, I will return it to Amazon. But hey, I absolutely love this phone. Quite fast and efficient with 4 GB RAM. Pictures are amazing as well. Cant complain.. Only thing that I found missing is NFC. I hope Xiaomi will bring in NFC in their cheaper models in near future. With price of £200, you wont think twice to change the phone in 1.5-2 years and wont have to spend fortune in screen protetors :D
Adrian Reply to on 20 August 2018
There is just only one flaw which I have found since I bought this phone2 months ago. It supposed to be gorilla glass but I was able to scratch the window. It's better to buy protective glass for extra protection. The rest of this phone is fantastic!
AD Reply to on 13 July 2018
Outstanding phone.

I purchased this as an upgrade to my Redmi Note 3. Larger screen, more RAM, faster processor.

Received the global version so setup was incredibly straightforward and phone up and running in no time.

Delighted with my purchase.
Tukan Reply to on 19 August 2018
I just upgraded from Redmi note 3G which was first successor of these fabulous phones, bigger screen to body ratio and overall impressions better than original note and about 70 pounds more expensive than original note. What to say, very satisfied with it. I am gonna buy Redmi note phones even in future.
Kiriakos Maragos
Kiriakos Maragos Reply to on 4 August 2018
Quality of the product is excellent. Very good feeling of the phone in my hands. The software is very good. The absolute help for me cos I have 2 numbers and I use them both. I Love my Redmi Note 5 Dual sim.
Jusjus Reply to on 20 August 2018
I've managed to set my phone in less than 1 h, everything is fine. Phone easy to navigate.
Radoslav Ichkov
Radoslav Ichkov Reply to on 13 August 2018
The phone is great. It's very nice and comfortable for me. Display is great. Sound is very good. The camera make very good photos. Installed systems apps are good. The connectivity is very good. For me, for this price is a very good phone.
mb Reply to on 14 August 2018
Came really fast! And in amazing condition the phone overall is amazing value for money.
AB Reply to on 30 August 2018
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